Gros-Supercup 2017- canceled

results last years:

Due to lack of participants Grocup 2017 is canceled



Town:                       Bamberg   (Germany North-Bavaria)

Playing area:           4**** Hotel Residenzschloss in the oldtown

Nearest airport      Nürnberg     ( 1 hour with train)

Train-Station           Bamberg

Participants             only players, who are invited from Michael Gromöller

Saturday   September 30

14:00         Cavendish-auction of all pairs playing at Gro's Supercup Tourney 1

15:00         about 40 Boards

Sunday      October 01

11:00         about 50 Boards

Monday     October 02

11:00         Cavendish-auction of all pairs playing at Gro's Supercup Tourney 2

12:00         about 50 Boards

Thuesday  October 03

10:30        about 40 Boards

15:00        prize-giving


The Fed Bridge Monaco offers the entry fee (1,500 €) for the next Cavendish Invitational in Monaco. No guarantee for the 5,000 € auction fee - but for sure Mr. Zimmermann will buy you!  


Cavendish fee

If nobody bids on you, you have to buy your pair for 100€


Entry fee

Entry fee per player is 125€ per tourney

Entry fee per player staying at Hotel Residenzschloss is 75€ per tourney

Coffee, tea, and water during the 4 days at tournament sessions are included!



You pay directly to the hotel (credit cards accepted).

Please book directly to Hotel Residenzschloss:

book hotel Residenzschloss  (change language on the formular top right)

single room 30.9. - 3.10 =  342

double room 30.9. - 3.10. =  432 (flex)

I reserved rooms with special rate:

rooms go back at 15 th september!

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